This is how the Åland Harvest Festival works

During the Åland Harvest Festival, rural Åland welcomes visitors as guests for the three-day special event. Here we have gathered all of the tips that you need to enjoy the beautiful autumn weekend on Åland in the best way. 

Good to know

  • Everything that is sold at the Åland Harvest Festival is produced on Åland.

  • All Åland Harvest Festival restaurants are obligated to follow Ålands cooking manifesto.

  • The Åland Harvest Festival is arranged by the association Skördefestens Vänner r.f. (“Friends of the Harvest Festival”). You can become a member of the association and support Åland’s agriculture here.

Shop at the Harvest Festival

  • You are guaranteed to find a lot of good food to take home with you. Bring a cooler so that everything you buy stays fresh even if you want to stay a long time at the festival.

  • Cash is the currency. Not all merchants have the possibility to accommodate bank cards.

  • Many visitors are eager to buy things and sometimes something may run out. But don’t get disappointed – instead, see it as an opportunity to find a new favorite product.

  • Remember that the Harvest Festival’s Passlott contains many fine offers that are valid during the festival.

Serving Åland on a plate

  • Well-prepared meals are served by creative chefs at both the Harvest Festival restaurants and at the open-house farms which provide food service. Read more at under the heading “Mat & Dryck”.

  • If you are a large group wanting to eat, please book your meal in advance. This way, the hosts will be able to give you the best possible service. Bookings are made directly to the respective restaurant or to “Öppen Gård”.

Be a winner

  • The Harvest Festival Passlott is a great combination of a festival pass, lottery and coupon book, where we have collected winnings and bargains from our participants and sponsors.

  • The Passlott costs 10 euros.

  • HERE is more information about how you can purchase the Passlott.

Find your way easily

  • Download the app Kloink from the App Store or Google Play, browse the Festival’s participants, mark the ones you want to visit and map out your own route. 

  • You will also find a map link at each farm/restaurant/pop-up (Plåpp-Åpp). 

  • As you approach the festival area, there will be signs and lanterns to guide you in the right direction. 

Getting around

  • Carpooling will make getting around funnier and it is better for the environment.

  • There will be parking available at all of the participant locations, but you may have to walk a distance from the parking area.

  • During the Harvest Festival, there will be many people out and about and sometimes it may take some time to get to the parking areas, especially on Saturday.

  • Our head sponsor, in co-operation with Williams Buss, has arranged for several bus trips around the Harvest Festival region.

Things to consider …

  • Many of the farms only have openhouse during the festival and don’t have routines in place for receiving an indefinite number of guests all at once. This can sometimes result in lines. We hope that you will see this as part of the experience and allow yourself to relax and take your time.

  • Not all of the animals on the farm are used to dogs. Make sure your own dog doesn’t go too close to them.

Dress practically

  • Mud and dirt are part of the nature of the countryside. You can avoid getting wet and dirty feet if you wear appropriate footwear. 

  • Make sure you can be seen by others–wear reflectors and pack a flashlight; autumn evenings on the countryside can be dark. 

Bathroom emergancy?

  • All of the farms have bathrooms. If you’re really lucky, you will get to experience the charm of an outhouse. 

Everything at the Åland Harvest Festival is produced on Åland.