Travel & lodgings

Enjoy the harvest festival around the clock! Sleep well, enveloped in the quiet of the countryside and then take off on an adventure to the festival farms, pop-up activities and the festival restaurants. 

Many of our participants now provide the opportunity to stay right on the festival site. 


You can book your lodgings via ECKERÖ LINJEN, VIKING LINE or via ÅLAND HOTELS and other booking sites. Some guesthouses have a limited number of rooms. 

Reserve a rental car

Our partner,RUNDBERGS BIL OCH SERVICE, provides information about car rental bookings for your visit to Åland. 

It is easy to get to Åland

There are many daily departures and different travel alternatives to Åland from Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku and Tallinn to choose from. The ferry trip through the archipelago, with food and music, can be a real experience. If you’re in a hurry, the flight to Åland is only half an hour long.

By ferry

with ECKERÖ LINJEN from Sweden
with VIKING LINE from Sweden 
with VIKING LINE from Finland

By plane

Finnair  Helsinki – Mariehamn
Turku – Mariehamn

Åland statistics
  • Åland consists of 6,757 islands and islets.
  • 29,214 people live on Åland, roughly 600 of which are farmers.
  • Over 70% of all apple production in Finland comes from Åland and that is why we at the harvest festival have chosen the apple as our symbol.

On the VISIT ÅLAND website you will find more information about travel, lodgings and all of the fun things you can do when you are on Åland.