Food and friends on the countryside

The Åland Harvest Festival is the highlight of the autumn season on Åland and the engine and beating heart of Ålandic food culture. For three delightful September days you can enjoy Åland’s countryside in the midst of the most abundant harvesting time, learn about rural life, buy directly from the producers and eat fantastically good food founded on local and seasonal raw ingredients.
Everything at the Harvest Festival is produced in Åland

Ten good reasons



Sun-ripened, freshly picked, wonderful 
The local produce has fully ripened at the time of harvest and therefore has a more full-bodied flavor and is healthier. Eating healthily has never tasted better! 


Buy food to take home
When you choose to buy local produce, you are not merely supporting the farm families, but even the rural region and all industry on Åland. Agriculture and the food industry on Åland employ 1300 people and have a turnover of 130 million euros.


Reduce your impact on the environment
You reduce your impact on the environment significantly when you buy local produce, in comparison with produce from other countries. We have meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit – crisp, fresh and healthy! 


Meet people
The harvest festival is a social event – here among the market tables and hay bales you will meet friends both old and new. All while you are checking out your absolute favorite products from among the amazing assortment of locally produced products! 


Enjoy the season
Eating locally means eating what is fresh for the season. Food you can trust. 


Discover Åland
Now it’s time to show the children where their food comes from! At the harvest festival, you will find countless adventures and experiences around every corner.


Try something new
Have you ever eaten lamb snails or roach balls? Or ridden on a rodeo bull? If not, it’s high time you tried. 


Living traditions
Around the world, there is a cultural unification going on, where unique differences are being blurred out more and more. The Åland Harvest Festival preserves and highlights local traditions–what we offer is unique! It is genuine, local and traditional – in raw ingredients and production methods.


Open landscape
When you buy local products, you contribute to enabling the grazing and harvesting of the fields. We are happiest in the open countryside!


When you calculate in the high nutritional content, the minimal impact on the environment, the high quality and the effect on the province of Åland, which will even benefit the next generation, local produce is comparable in price with imported produce.